Here are some resources I recommend, organized by topic



  • Leadership and Self Deception.  Focuses on defensiveness (which it calls being in the box).
  • Turn the Ship Around, by David Marquet.  Emphasizes the importance of delegating authority (which he calls the leader-leader model instead of the leader-follower model.


Product Management


  • Y Combinator Startup School 2012 and 2013.  Twenty one ~30min videos on startups from founders including: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Jack Dorsey (Twitter & Square), Joel Spolsky (StackOverflow), etc.
  • Lean Startup Conference 2012.   Sixteen mixed-length videos (~5 to ~30min) on lean startup process and experiences from practitioners including: Marc Andreessen (Netscape, Andreessen Horowitz), Scott Cook (Intuit), etc.
  • Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner.  A big collection of video-recorded talks at Stanford on a variety of topics, including: Creativity & Innovation, Opportunity Recognition, Team & Culture, etc.
  • Kauffman Founders School.  A series of short videos (~5-10mins) on entrepreneurship (lean methodology, intellectual property, equity, etc).
  • Lean Day West Conference 2013.  Seven awesome videos (~30-50mins) on Lean Startup and Lean UX in the enterprise.



Software Development


  • Google I/O Videos: 2013,  2012,  2011, 2010, etc.  Awesome videos on various subjects including: Android, Chrome, Google Apps, Cloud, Maps, Knowledge & Structured Data and other Tech Talks.
  • PyCon 2014 Videos:  Dozens of great talks on Python, Django, etc.

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